Guns and Scotch

“Curse you!”

“Who are you even?”

” I don’t owe you anything, why do you have me here? ”

“Where am I?”

My faint voice however didn’t get past the heavy sack over my head. I had been moved for the sixth time but who’s counting? Seven times, eight,  nine, thirty, who knows? I was going crazy. Solitude is the key to the well hidden back doors of sanity. The ‘EXIT’ and I was fast approaching it.

I couldn’t make out the room I was in but I could tell it was larger than the one I was in before. I could feel the earth beneath my sore pair of hind limbs. Blood was still oozing from my large toe from the stunt I pulled earlier in the truck. The excruciating pain served as a natural alarm without snooze. The infection in the wound would fester soon enough then I would have to amputate. I’ve always wanted to play doctor with a live animal, now it’s just a matter of time before I become both surgeon and lab rat. First I’ll need a pair of hands to do that. Too bad both are broken and tied behind me.

Earlier at the  truck I played Denzel. I was to be transported in a Tiles and Carpet cleaners’ truck with three men and a driver. In the beginning of my first class travel I was not so gently hooded. Out of courtesy, they allowed me to travel not only sack free but also mask free. The three men with me at the back had gas masks on. The air was poisoned so I inhaled the fresh air all the way at least before I passed out approximately two hours later.

The truck had an aluminum floor fastened by steel rivulets. I saw ones like those in the assembly plant downtown Rica county where I worked. Among the items strewn on the floor was a tube of toothpaste, very little gun powder and now all I needed was fire. I made as if to fall down and jackpot, I landed on the tube and some powder in a sachet. Carefully I sprinkled some of it on the rivulet closest to me and then with zero precision like a kid I smeared some paste on it and now to the final part of my plan, fire.

“Can I have a smoke? ”

“Please honor a dead man’s wish. Don’t be cruel”

One of the guys took out a pack  and lighter and threw it my way. It fell near me and they all laughed.

“Butterfingers! ”

“You can light it yourself by the way. I hope it’s no trouble ”

I liked them better when they were quiet. They now were excited to see how I was going to light a cigarette with my mouth. It was a win for me, I got the lighter. Like a dog fetching a frisbee I picked up the lighter and hurled it behind me and I lit it on the rivulets with the movie taught stealth I prided myself in.

Blow upon blow I received when they knew what I was up to. I am currently suffering a concussion but my large toe is still coiled up with the content well beyond sight.
If it’s any relief, at least it wasn’t the gas that knocked me out.

“Was he trouble? ”

“No sir, he only attempted suicide ”

I smiled in my sack and choked on a few dozen fibers.

It's a trip! I'm an undergrad student of B. Sc. Geomatic Engineering and Geospatial Information Systems at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

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  1. “Just a matter of time before i become both a surgeon and a lab rat ”
    I love this line….
    Keep them coming Allan
    Good piece
    Thumbs up

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