Guns and Scotch : 2

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Year:2018 ;Day:Unknown ;Hour:Unknown

Today’s log complete. Over and…

I was interrupted by the fast shuffling of feet, the sounds came from my left but I remember coming in from the right. 

‘Newbies’ I thought.

The door lock clicked once then twice then a final third and the door, I imagine huge, gave in and went ajar after what sounded like a kick. I felt the breeze from the air conditioner outside the door. Damn! It takes duress to appreciate the often ignored cold air. It however didn’t last long, the door was shut with a thud, probably the doing of a merciless kick or masculine push.

The noices seemed to indicate there was going to be an entire football team with me by nightfall or daybreak or midday, I was a bit hazy on the time and the irregular meal times didn’t help.


“Babe? Who are you calling babe? That’s my boyfriend.”

Crap! Zeddy and Wema were here. Zeddy and I just stopped talking and I guessed that was my cue to accept and move on. The road of singlehood was dotted with blooming flowers and I plucked one that attracted me, Wema.

“Remove his sack so he can deal with his mess” a man with an mojjo jojjo’s laugh said.

Everyone was looking at me like ‘welcome to your intervention’ Zeddy was more amazed to see me there than anyone else, Wema was at the brink of crying on seeing my bruised visage that oozed with blood, mixed up with sweat and mucus. Good thing there wasn’t a mirror where I could behold my evidently ugly look.

They were not alone :Zeddy’s elder sister, Mia was there and so was her boyfriend Teddy. I had never met them before, I heard stories and saw insta stories of the two. One other person was a great friend of mine Bee with whom we’ve coined aliases for each other.

“I guess I should say hi”

“Who’s she? ”

“Yeah, who’s she? ”

“Zeddy I don’t get your question. Our relationship was never a priority to you. I let you have fun. Wema, you’ve met the Zeddy in the stories. Now to more important matters, we need to get out of here.”

“Where’s here? ”

Teddy, right? Welcome to Tach, where human experimentation takes place. Now, as it stands, we’re lab rats chilling in their cage with a set of conditions to ensure accurate data collection.

I guess I just dropped that bombshell too casually.

I have a plan but I need all of you on board.

“I don’t trust you. ”

“Me too”

“That makes the three of us. You can take your GIRLFRIEND and carry out your plan”

Mia, Teddy and Zeddy were out.

“Which plan? I can’t believe you asked me to be your girlfriend and you had one already ”

Wema too.

“Bee believe me”

“I do but I don’t trust you, I see why they were saying we should be taken to the crazy man”

“I guess they were right”

I picked up my sack and put it over my head. The shame and disappointment needed to be covered. I sat there in silence waiting for my next change of room.

The now familiar clang’ing of the door was an all too welcome sound five minutes later. I was moved without causing any trouble. I was being dragged into what seemed like a box, I leaned on the side and that’s when I realized I was in a cage, like a monkey. The cage was then moved and I began feeling like I was being lifted. I was now dangling free and the cage was rocked till I passed out.

It must have been one hour since I passed out, I woke up in a room and the others were also there. I was going to escape with their help or not. I figured we were on the third floor of a four storey building. My sack was gone but I was not going to open my mouth till I was out of that place.

I spotted a mallet. The room was a literal store room. The mallet however lacked a handle. I began pulling on one of the bars of the cage, if it came off it would make a perfect handle.

The bar came off at the top but was still stuck at the bottom. A little harder aaaand off it came. First I squeezed myself out of the cage. I fixed it on the broken piece of wood and it was as good as new.

Now to the crazy part of the plan. I measered the room diagonally in strides, ten strides that met two strides from the cage I had been in earlier. If I can hit a series of four points each vertex a meter from the center then I could cause a crack around the room and when I hit the center the floor should come down hopefully in one piece.

I motioned for all of them to move away from the wall. They wouldn’t budge. Wema now lost that concerned look she had earlier and she only pitied me and it pained her I know but there was only one way to do this. Sometimes silence saves one a lot of explanation.

I hit the first point as hard as I could then the second  then third then the fourth but nothing happened. I barely had enough strength to do it again. I leaned on the mallet as I looked at them, full of shame again. Suddenly the crack appeared and ran around the whole floor.

In frantic motions of a matatu tout beckoning passengers I waved for them to get away from the wall. The crack went a long way in convincing them. Zeddy ran to where I was and hugged me so tight. I could tell the fear she had. I let go so I could hit the center then hope the floor gets us down to the second floor.

I tried to raise the hammer but I couldn’t. Teddy told me to give him the hammer. I did and the whole floor, in one motion, sank as soon as the mallet hit the floor.

Our unusual elevator took us down more than two floors and we could see the exit to the building. I looked out and in a distance I saw armed men running towards the building. They had covered their faces but had no other matching outfits. Quick, we had to find a way out and the basement was the only option.

In a single file, we ran down the stairs and stumbled upon some wheels. A matte black G 36 wagon, a jungle green jeep and a black mustang’ I still had that rivet between my toes so it was time to put it to use.

Open sesame.

Teddy took the G Wagon together with Mia, Bee took the Jeep but neither zeddy nor Wema followed her. I went to the mustang’ and both of them rushed to the co-driver’s seat. I had not broken my silence yet and I was not thinking about doing so.

Wema got  the first seat and Zeddy got in the back. They were both angry and amazed why I said nothing. Now I became the outlet of their anger. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and there were two in my car.

I still said nothing. Silence drowned me amidst the heated argument that ensued. It all ended with two sentences.

“You’re not his girlfriend, I am.”

“When was the last time you spoke to your boyfriend? “

We drove out like a scene in fast and furious. I took most of the bullets because I was the last one.

“Everyone okay?”

“So you can talk” they said in unison.

“I had a better plan and had you all agreed to it we would have gotten out safer. ” I heaved like I had lessened the load on my chest.

“We’re sorry ”

“Yeah, also for calling you crazy”

Voices came through the radio, it was Teddy and Mia.

“Sorry I didn’t believe you ” Bee said on her channel.

“You guys heard everything? ”

“Babe forgive me ” Wema said.

“Thanks for getting us out”

“Guys turn right in that forest ahead”

We entered the forest and once we were completely out of sight, we all got out and now to tie up lose ends. We were to take the Jeep, it blends in with the traffic and was enough for all of us. We removed the plates and lit the sweet babies on fire, it hurt but it was necessary.

We got into the Jeep and I got behind the wheel and we drove off.

“Babe, I’m glad you’re alive”

“Me too” Zeddy said.

“Why were we taken in that place? Why did they bring you guys? Did they know I know you? Are we being watched? “

It's a trip! I'm an undergrad student of B. Sc. Geomatic Engineering and Geospatial Information Systems at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

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