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Well I’ve never really known what being in love means, like I know family kind of love, friends kind of love, but I’ve always yearned to feel the soul mate kind of love, the ride or die kind of love.

     Honestly I’ve only read it in books and once in a while dreamt and imagined how it would feel. But on those lonely mellow days, I don’t want it,in those moments I just want to be curled up in my bed listening to some soul soothing songs, my favourite being Better by Khalid, you know it gives off the kind of feeling where everything is going to be okay, it’s kind of therapeutic for me, I don’t know about you all but I have my playlist divided depending on my moods and feels.

    But on this particular day, I met this amazing guy,who had the perfect sense of humor, totally got my sarcasm and responded to it in an even much better way, you know those kind of people who you feel like “yes they totally sync with me and you heavily fuck with their vibe. You all know how those first week conversations feel like, the second week you are still talking now he’s calling, next he wants to  meet up and hangout you know… Next he wants to  take you out.

        Those awkward moments you all meet the first time at his house or at yours, you don’t know what to wear to bed, you don’t want to seem too eager and wear something sexy, yet at the same time you don’t want to seem uninterested and go for the sweats and a T-shirt ,but at the end everything works out.
I don’t know why, but I’m totally a sucker for cuddles, wait up I know why, in cuddles there’s no lust or desire it’s more of the feeling of belonging, feeling of being safe,cherished and relaxed.

And in that moment you feel his hands wrap around you, pulling you closer to his chest you already a goner girl.

DEMURe ft Brazen Burning cactus heart

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